Skincare Mistakes You Should Stop Right Now


Yes, we know we have to take care of our skin. But for busy women like us, life almost always get in the way — too lazy, too busy, too full, or too sleepy.


Then, our skincare routine goes out the window. But what are some of the crucial skin mistakes should we stop right now?


1. Sleeping with makeup on

Most of us are gulity of this. We know what it’s like when all you want to do is ooze into your bed and sleep. But keeping that gunk on your skin makes it difficult to repair and renew your skin cells, and produce healthy ones. Always be sure to cleanse your face before going to bed.


Lazy tip: Always have baby wipes on your bedside table so you can go ahead and clean your face while lying in bed. We love Purederm Argan Oil Makeup Remover Towelettes which you can buy in your local grocery.


2. Exfoliating too much

Exfoliating is sure great for the skin, but overdoing it can lead to skin irritation and breakouts. So keep it easy on the scrubbing, honey.


Tip: Only exfoliate 1-2x a week.


3. Skipping on toner

Having tons of products can be super tedious to follow, but a trusty toner does wonders to your skin. It helps remove extra dirt and grime, shrinks pores, and restores the skin’s natural PH balance.


4. Not putting on sunscreen

Yes we get you. It’s icky, oily, and doesn’t smell nice. But NOT putting on sunscreen is one of the worst things you could be doing to your skin. We wished we started earlier because fine lines, sunspots and freckles are now being suffered by a woman who’s obsessed with tanning before.


Tip: You have to try Lana PH’s Sunblock. It’s non-sticky (for real!), smells nice, and it mattifies your face. We used it on sensitive skin and we love it!


5. Compromising Sleep

Having enough hours of sleep is crucial on having great skin. If you’re sleep deprived, you lose your skin’s ability to regenerate, thus giving you dull and flaky skin.


Anything else you'd like to add with these tips? Comment below ;)

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