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Free Nationwide Shipping on orders P999 and above!
Free Nationwide Shipping on orders P999 and above!

Lana PH Ultrasonic Portable Washing Machine


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Our Ultrasonic Turbine Wash is perfect for the eco mindful shopper like you! Its lightweight, compact, and convenient design is perfect for sanitizing face masks and for washing small, lightweight clothes. Save more water and electricity while keeping your things clean with our dual direction, hi-frequency pressure machine.

Why You'll love this:
- Portable and lightweight
- Sleek and minimalist design
- Easy to use! All you need is a small container and water
- Your on-the go travel buddy for washing and cleaning

- Under-garments
- Socks
- Face masks
- Shirts

- Material quality - ABS

- Power supply - USB

- Input voltage - DC 5V

- Output voltage - DC 10V

- Output power - 6W

- Standard - GB4706. 1-2005 GB4706. 23-2007

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works well, wish I could choose between Product A and B though!

I bought this so that I could wash delicates and smaller batches of laundry without consuming too much water. I love that it works well and its very handy. When the COVID-19 pandemic is over, I can see this being in my suitcase when I have business trips ;)

The only reason why I did not give this product a 5/5 is that prior to receiving my order, I expected to receive Product A (the one with 4 wash settings) but I received Product B which is automatic. I only found out upon opening the box that there are two variations—Product A with 3/4 wash settings and Product B that's automatic with only 1 setting. I would've liked to be given a choice between the two.

Cute, functional although I wish I got Selection A not B.

The product works well however there is only one function with the automatic. When I opened the box I noticed that the product came in two variants— Selection A with 4 modes and Selection B with automatic mode. I wish I got Selection A to have more control.

But as it is, this product is handy. I've tried in a wall socket and also using my powerbank. These would be best to use to reduce water waste for small batches of laundry and also to use when we go out of town (in the future).

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